EggPlant Jenkins Plugin with Parameterized Builds


First Time Long Time .......

I've been using the EggPlant plugin (v2.2) and have a small issue I was hoping someone here could help me resolve.

I'm doing a Jenkins Parameterized build and want to pass some of the parameters I set into my Eggplant/Runscript command.

If I have a variable defined called TEST I can't figure out how to tell the Eggplant Plugin to use the parameter. I've tried $TEST and ${TEST} but I can't get the variable to expand to it's actual value when the runscript command is executed (instead it just prints out $TEST in the actual command syntax).

I actually noticed that the Display Variable (generated by the XVnc plugin) also doesn't seem to seen by the Eggplant Plugin either. This was something that I had working using an earlier version of the plugin.

Any ideas? Is this possible?



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