A Question regarding Typecommand

Hi Eggplanters

Im a chinese user. In my App,I need Cilck "CTRL+ALT+DEL",I don't know how to typecommand like that.please tell me how to do this. Thanks


  • JonathanOSXJonathanOSX ForumAdmin admin
    That often requested key combination can be done using
    typetext controldown, windowsaltdown, deletekey, windowsaltup, controlup
    or in it's shorthand form
    typetext "\c\a\D\A\C"
    Always be sure to release modifier keys like Control, Alt, and Command.

    The full list of control codes is available in the Eggplant Reference manual under the TypeText section (pg 158-159).

    TIP: If you ever have a hard time remembering the exact spelling for a keyword (like controldown), you can start typing it and then hit F5 to autocomplete your entry.
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