Copy/paste issue thru Vine Server

ngargngarg Member
Hello, I' using Vine Server to get data copied on Clipboard from my application using command - remoteClipboard() and data has been copied to Clipboard from application in following way:

Typecommand a,c
b. wait 2
c. log remoteClipboard()

Actual Result:
Junk character displayed before word typed..

More Ifo:
My application writed Plain as well Unicode data to system clipboard using Scarp manager routines...
Few observations:
1. remoteClipboard() API works fine if I don't write Unicode data and just writes Non Unicode data.
2. While writing Unicode data - BOM has been added in first two bytes which is 0xFEFF for representing UTF16 encoding.
3. remoteClipboard() adds standard 3 byte(0x95C7BC) in front of text.
4. When I modify BOM data -- these Junk bytes do have different values.

Can you please help whats wrong here? --


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