Logging results as an Image


I've a scenario where I need to capture an image as a result so that once the script finish the execution time, I can see an image recorded as a result.

For example:
I need to record an image as a result once SQL query finis execution. So the script is -
Connect "SQL box"
TypeText WindowsKey , "r" // to open run command
TypeText DeleteKey // delete the previous data
TypeText "sqlwb"
TypeText Enter
TypeText "SQL Instance"
Click "Connect"
Click (Text: "New Query")
TypeText "Select * form database.dbo.table1 order by column desc"

Log "Results"
Note: I need "Results" to be logged as an image where I can see DateTimeStamp for the particular transaction/response.

Let me know if I confuse you.

So now


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